Varsa Designs has collaborated with “Home Made Simple with Laila Ali” on a new kitchen project. Be sure to tune in Saturdays at 9am/8am CT on @owntv to see their amazing projects. The project we participated in has a smaller kitchen than most so the economy of space was key for the homeowner. In addition to limited space, the kitchen has an interesting shape with angular walls eating into the kitchen square footage.

This project features several custom option such as glass insert doors, shaker doors with grain, grain matching, angled walls requiring adjustable filler panels, and custom spacing for appliances.

One of the more noticeable features is the beautiful glass insert doors. Varsa Designs created a 2 piece shaker door for this kitchen project using ¾” standard melamine with a center cut out creating a door frame with a groove cut out on the back and ¼” MDF panel installed flush to the back. The designer had glass custom panels made for upper cabinets using measurements provided by VD and installed in the melamine door frame at the job site. This was a very simple request from the designer that carries a large impact on the look of the finished kitchen. Varsa Designs can supply cabinet doors with clear glass in door cutouts for any custom project order.

This project used multiple materials to achieve a two-tone color scheme. All base cabinets are made with ¾” Prefinished White Maple Plywood case and dark-colored American Laminates Latitude West Grained ¾” Melamine doors. Prefinished White Maple Plywood is a case material upgrade available for any project. A plywood upgrade does have an additional cost, some clients desire the maple interior look and some clients request additional cabinet strength from plywood. The wall cabinets are much simpler, white standard melamine cabinet case with white custom 2 piece melamine shaker doors.

The project was shipped assembled for fast install onsite. Due to the angular shape of the kitchen, some trim and scribe were necessary onsite to accommodate the walls. Angled walls always present a challenge during installation and can get complicated onsite if not handled correctly early on.

Receiving wall measures and design with rough measurements got us started on this renovation. We were able to guide the install team and clear up any confusion onsite via phone video chat. The designer was able to show what they needed to be advised on and the problem was resolved without any delay in the field.

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